Buying a New Car?

Experiencing problems wih your vehicle?

Needing help with a dispute concerning your car? Valuation problems?

Looking to confirm the value and life expectancy of a car for loan purposes?

A car is a big investment. And it can prove to be costly when things go wrong. Before you spend on the car of your dreams, or commit yourself to expensive loan terms, why not be sure that it is all it seems to be?
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If you have bought and repaired a badly damaged car, you may find that you will need to provide an engineer's report confirming its roadworthiness before your insurers will cover it.
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Do you need an independent opinion on the value or the cost or repairs to your accident-damaged car to assist you with an insurance or third party claim?
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If you need any help from fully qualified motor engineers with a problem concerning a vehicle -


To allow us to properly examine your vehicle, you should arrange for it to be at a garage which has a ramp for our engineer to use. Once you have this organised, please contact your nearest office and we will be glad to take your instructions and to quote you the relevant inspection fee.

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