third party investigations


In the early 1920's Horace Rook, Chief Engineer of the Anglo American Oil company, was engaged in the conversion of horse drawn vehicles to motorised vehicles and recognised a growing need amongst vehicle owners for expert advice on the cause and effect of damage to vehicles involved in accidents.

As the number of cars increased, lawyers and insurers increasingly sought engineering advice in pursuit of loss and injury claims and Horace Rook established a business in Hull to carry out accident investigation and prepare expert reports.

The business prospered and, after the Second World War, began operating as two companies from offices in Hull and Leeds.


In the 1950s, as the number of vehicles began their big post-war increase, it was recognised that engineering aspects were only part of the accident investigation service that the legal profession and the insurance industry needed. H Rook became one of the first to set up a Third Party department to meet those needs.

Horace Rook's own pre-eminence in the accident investigation business was recognised by his presidency of the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors in the year 1952-53, an honour which has since been accorded to three other H Rook engineers.

The business continued to grow and both companies had to extend their geographical coverage from the original Hull and Leeds bases. Further offices were opened across the north of England to maintain a high level of client service.

By the late 1970s accidents had become more frequent and, as vehicles increased in value, power and complexity, often more costly in both human and financial terms. Bigger claims demanded more precise and detailed evidence and H Rook has embraced the still-developing technology and scientific techniques required for modern accident reconstruction.